Venous Ultrasound Exams

Ultrasound of the venous system in the lower extremities is used to diagnose varicose veins, venous insufficiency, and locate a venous thrombus (clot).

Frequently Asked Questions about Venous Ultrasounds

There is no required preparation for a venous ultrasound.
Many people also will have symptoms of leg pain, heaviness, swelling, burning or itching of the leg, and in some serious cases, venous stasis ulcers.
- Varicose veins involve the superficial venous system. This condition is caused when the valves in the vein fail and allow blood to travel backwards towards your feet and pool in the lower legs.
- When these valves fail to work properly, blood begins to back up in the vein causing the vein to enlarge and become “ropy” and visible under the skin which is a varicose vein.
A detailed evaluation of the entire venous system in your lower extremities. The sonographer will first evaluate for a blood clot, then will map out the superficial venous system and evaluate for valve incompetency
- Sound Health Imaging contracts with Proscan Reading Services to read our exams. They are fellowship-trained, board-certified radiologists with subspecialty training.
- In some instances, with venous mapping exams, the referring provider will read the study.
- The Venous ultrasound exam will be read by the radiologist within 24 hours of your study unless the study indicates need for results sooner, or if the referring physician has requested results immediately following the exam.
- The results will be sent directly to your referring provider the week-day after your exam.
We are Preferred Providers with all major insurances and bill globally for the exam plus the radiologist reading fee so patients don’t receive a separate billing from the radiologist. We also bill secondary insurances and accept all major credit cards.
- As a patient, you have a choice where your diagnostic ultrasound is performed.
- A physician’s order is required for the Venous ultrasound.
- When you see your healthcare provider, let them know you would like to have your ultrasound scheduled at Sound Health Imaging. Or, after you see your physician, you can call our office and make your ultrasound appointment and then bring your doctor’s order with you at the time of exam.