Thyroid Ultrasound


ThyroidUltrasoundThe role of ultrasound in evaluating the thyroid is primarily limited to differentiating cystic from solid masses and documenting the number of masses.

Ultrasound is used to evaluate the size of the gland and the “echo texture” which is an ultrasound term meaning the overall smoothness, brightness, and density of the gland.

Ultrasound of the thyroid is usually requested by a health care provider as a result of an abnormal physical exam or abnormal thyroid lab values.

Frequently Asked Questions about Thyroid Ultrasounds

Is there any prep for my Thyroid ultrasound?

No there is no prep for a thyroid ultrasound. 

How do I schedule my ultrasound appointment at Sound Health Imaging?

You have a choice where your ultrasound is done. Tell your healthcare provider that you would like to have your ultrasound scheduled at Sound Health Imaging. Or you can call our office and make your ultrasound appointment and then bring your Doctor’s order with you at the time of exam.

Are you a network provider for Blue Cross and Blue Shield and New West Insurance companies?

Yes, we are premium providers for both Blue Cross and New West and bill all major insurances including Medicaid and Medicare.

Is the Radiologist who reads the exam a network provider?

Sound Health Imaging contracts with Capital Radiology to interpret the ultrasound exams. We pay the radiologist for the interpretation, so the patient does not get a second bill from interpreting physician. 

How long does it take for my doctor to get the results of my exam?

Our goal is for your referring health care provider to receive the Ultrasound report the next business day following your appointment.